Open Fusion Desktop Environment

OpenFDE brings to Linux:

A Broad Spectrum of Applications and Games Unified User Experience Across Android and Linux Apps Exploring Unified and Innovative Approaches to Linux Desktop Development

Introducing a Novel Approach to the Linux Desktop Experience. A Whole New Way to Engage!

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Linux & Android Compatible

OpenFDE integrates the AOSP and Linux architectures, allowing everyone to use all Android's latest applications on Linux. Existing Linux GUI and command line applications can co-exist. Needs for social, entertainment and productivity softwares could be satisfied in Linux.

At the same time, in order to ensure the interoperability of Android and Linux applications, OpenFDE integrates Linux and Android system networks so that the two can share same network settings, including wired networks, VPNs, etc.

Developer Friendly

OpenFDE provides a complete Android development environment and tools, allowing developers to efficiently develop mobile applications directly on the OpenFDE platform without any additional adaptation costs, and supports the simultaneous update and release of desktop and mobile software.

At the same time, OpenFDE inherits the Android API design framework, allowing it to follow a unified set of device and power management APIs with Android, which can greatly reduce the issues of API version coexistence and arbitrary modifications in the use and development process of GUI.

Easy to Use

OpenFDE is committed to creating an independent, secure, and timely updated open source desktop environment.

In terms of UI interaction, we combine the user habits of mainstream desktop environments on the market to reduce users' learning and adaptation costs and easily achieve desktop switching.

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Install and Use

Install OpenFDE to experience the integration of Android applications and ecosystems on your Linux PC

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About US

We are users and developers of Linux. We love Linux and also face various challenges, like software and hardware compatibility, user experience etc. We have created OpenFDE -- a branch-new open source fusion desktop environment.

We acknowledge that our project is not yet perfect, and our team is not yet strong enough. However we are confident, passionate, and idealistic. We aim to build the best open source desktop environment by establishing OpenFDE open source community.

No matter who you are or what you know, as long as you are interested in Linux, we welcome you to join us. Let's work together, innovate together, and contribute to the Linux desktop environment together!


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