About Our Team

With the wave of open source surging forward, the Linux open source ecosystem is gradually expanding its scope, forming an all-round penetration from microcontrollers to HPC, and the usability, ease of use, and interaction capabilities are also gradually improving. However, problems such as fragmented desktop interaction logic and operating environment, unified development of mainstream games, lack of operation and optimization methods, lack of key "productivity" software, and software and hardware compatibility and adaptation and development ecology are several "mountains" that cannot be bypassed on the road of Linux open source ecological development.

We are a group of engineers who are keen to use domestic systems for development, in order to explore possible solutions to solve these problems. We decided to build a new converged desktop, hoping to help solve ecological problems, in order to help the global Linux software and hardware ecological development breakthrough. With the continuous efforts, exploration and experimentation of our group of like-minded developers, OpenFDE came into being.

OpenFDE is an open-source desktop based on the integration of AOSP, Linux applications and Android applications, which supports experiencing all the functions of the latest Android applications on Linux, and can also use Linux GUI and a variety of native applications on the Android system. It can now meet the user's basic social, entertainment, and use of key "productivity" software.

Our products still have a lot to be improved, and we look forward to establishing an OpenFDE open source community, gathering talented people from all walks of life, and providing everyone with a free and developed communication platform and the best open source desktop system through community development and collaboration, so as to promote the development of the Linux ecosystem.

Whether you are a seasoned technologist, a professional in the field of Linux open source, a novice, or an ordinary user, we welcome you to join us to create better technology and build a stronger community!